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Teeth whitening kits and whitening gels for professional cosmetic tooth whitening

Teeth whitening kits & gels

Teeth whitening kits and whitening gels for professional cosmetic tooth whitening procedures. Our gels are suitable for treatments in a spa, beauty clinic or eyelash extension salons. We also offer hydrogen peroxide teeh whitening kits for in office whitening at the dentist's office. Our wholesale company delivers from own stock, so you will never have to wait. Because we are dental professionals you may expect that we will always offer the best products available on the market. All of our products are certified and have CPNP number. We can also support OEM and private label.

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X-treme Smile® Professionele Bleekgel 10ml.

X-treme Smile Professional bleaching gel for brilliantly white teeth. Satisfied customers! Visible results. Better results than comparable products! X-treme Smile bleaching gel contains all the legal endorsements. With pride, we dare to say that in addition to being the best trainer in the Netherlands, we also have the best products. Join the club!

X-treme Smile® Booster Teeth whitening kit 3ml.

Bleaching kit for teeth whitening in a teeth whitening salon with our famous Booster teeth whitening gel. For new generation teeth whitening: teeth whitening 2.0. This bleaching kit contains a mouth spreader a bleaching gel, vitamin e stick, bib, pretreatment spray, toothbrush and brush. 1 Kit you use for 1 customer. This way you always work hygienically.

Beyond Vloeibare Cofferdam

Vloeibare cofferdam van Beyond zorgt voor een perfecte afdekking van het tandvlees, waardoor waterstofperoxide niet of het tandvlees terecht kan komen. De cofferdam wordt geleverd in een verpakking van 2 stuks inclusief 2 tips. Uiteraard uit te harden met polymerisatielamp.

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