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Tooth whitening technician course? Our dental experts will train you.

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A tooth whitening training is important to give your customers the best possible advuce and to give them the brightest smile! If you decide to follow your course with us, you are guaranteed to follow it at the best training centre in the Netherlands. We can give a proper training online in your language. (Spanish, English, German, Dutch). Our team consists of dental professionals, so we know what to teach you to become a tooth whitening technician. Give your customers the smile that they deserve.

Our tooth whitening technician course is a practical education. We always try to explain the theory in simple and clean words, so you can actually understand what';s it all about. Obviously, if you understand the theory, the practical part will be a lot easier to do and your results will be optimized. How to use the gel, how to insert a cheek retractor the right way, what to do if someone uses antibiotics or what to do if someone is pregnant or lactating? These are questions that are really important and they will be answered during the training. Just examples, but they will make clear that we have to do a proper job and know what we are doing during a treatment. Safety is a main priority.


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    Toothgems Starter Kit - with course & video training. Give your customers a brilliant smile with our dental jewellery starter kit. With our brand new instruction video, you can learn how to professionally place a tooth gem, with the right products in the right way, all from the comfort of your own home or studio. Send in your video after practice and we will help you to get certified and get the best durable results.

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