X-Treme Smile® Tooth Polisher Pro

Polish teeth like a professional with our X-Treme Smile® Polisher Pro. It has 5 speeds, so you will always be able to adjust the speed accordingly to the state and sensitivity of the teeth. With its built-in LED light, you have a perfect view of the mouth. Work non-stop for 2 hours with only 1 loading session. After each polish you can easily screw on a new cup, so you will always work hygienically. 

  • favicon-16x16.png   5 Cleaning speeds
  • favicon-16x16.png   Work non-stop for 2 hours with only 1 loading session
  • favicon-16x16.png   Rechargeable with USB (iPhone, computer, power bank)
  • favicon-16x16.png   Includes USB cable
  • favicon-16x16.png   With LED light
  • favicon-16x16.png   Possible to buy with course and starterkit (€259.-)

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