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Dental tooth gems, sparkles and gold tooth jewelry? So much choice we have!

Dental jewelry

A tooth gem or a genuine gold dental jewel? Our sparkles are genuine Swarovski crystals and as you might know; nothing shines like a Swarovski. Everything ou need to apply a tooth crystal or a gold gem to a tooth, you will be ables to find it here. Do you need a proper etchant, primer or dental glue? Only the best quality for applying a dental jewel is sold by us. Our brand BLINQ*.

A subtle sparkle? All 100% percent safe and without causing any damage? Our brand is yours!

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copy of Toothgems Starter Kit - with mini...

Toothgems Starter Kit - with mini course & videotraining. Give your customer a brilliant smile with our dental jewelry starterkit. A training for tooth gems you really want to do with X-treme Smile, because our knowledge and best quality products will give you the benefit of years and years expertise of genuine dental professionals. We offer you the best service if you need it and the largest assortment in tooth jewelry and Swarovski tooth gems.

Tooth gems Starter Kit - with course /...

Toothgems Starter Kit - with course & video training. Give your customers a brilliant smile with our dental jewellery starter kit. With our brand new instruction video, you can learn how to professionally place a tooth gem, with the right products in the right way, all from the comfort of your own home or studio. Send in your video after practice and we will help you to get certified and get the best durable results.

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