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Tooth whitening starterkit and a training? We can help you!

Starterkit + training

Starterkit and training to becaome a teeth whitening technician? We are here for you. Our team consists of dental professionals who love to give you a proper training. We have the knowledge, experience and the right dental background to give you the best possible education, to become a tooth whitening professional!

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    Toothgems Starter Kit - with mini course &...

    Toothgems Starter Kit - with mini course & videotraining. Give your customer a brilliant smile with our dental jewelry starterkit. A training for tooth gems you really want to do with X-treme Smile, because our knowledge and best quality products will give you the benefit of years and years expertise of genuine dental professionals. We offer you the best service if you need it and the largest assortment in tooth jewelry and Swarovski tooth gems.

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