Tooth gems Starter Kit - with course / videotraining

Tooth gems Starter Kit - with course & video training. Give your customers a brilliant smile with our dental jewellery starter kit. With our brand new instruction video, you can learn how to professionally place a tooth gem, with the right products in the right way, all from the comfort of your own home or studio. Send in your video after practice and we will help you to get certified and get the best durable results. Introducing the Toothgems Starter Kit, complete with a course and video training. This kit provides everything you need to offer dental jewellery to your customers and give them a brilliant smile. Our brand-new instruction video will guide you through the process of professionally placing a tooth gem using the right products and techniques, all from the comfort of your own home or studio. After practising, you can even submit your video for certification and guidance to achieve the most durable and attractive results.

If you want to do the training, just buy the starter kit in our webshop, because the training is included. 

Inserted in the toothgem starter kit is a mini video training and a booklet. Of course, you can ask your question through WhatsApp and we will gladly help you.

Your advantages:

  •   Low investment, high profit margin
  •   Premium dental products
  •   Authentic Swarovski tooth crystals
  •   10-minute application
  •   Support from dental professionals
  •   No prior education required

What's inside your tooth gem starter kit?

  •   Professional X-treme Smile Curinglamp
  •   Nicely illustrated booklet
  •   Step-by-step instructions (our brand new video training is available from march 12th 2024)
  •   Dental Crystals (about 100 pcs)
  •   Blinq* Glue
  •   Blinq* Blue
  •   Blinq* Primer
  •   Micro brushes 100x
  •   Cotton rolls (2 packs)
  •   Tooth Gem Display Dispenser
  •   Storage Case
  •   Backup from your dental professionals
  •   Certificate (yes, we will send this by e-mail, after receiving and approving your video)


If you would like to obtain a certificate for this course, you will need to create a video demonstrating your ability to perform the treatment. The video should showcase your technique on a model. For optimal viewing, please ensure that the video is recorded closely. It is recommended that your model films the video in selfie mode. Once we receive your video, we will provide you with feedback and guidance. In some cases, we may ask you to redo the video. While this may not be ideal, keep in mind that obtaining a certificate requires effort and dedication. Upon receiving your certificate, your clients will know that you possess the necessary skills to perform the treatment with excellence.

Multiple certificates per Starter-kit?

That is possible, but we will also need to judge more video's. An extra certificate costs €39.95 a piece.

Why does this cost extra? Easy, it will take more time to watch, more time to review, more time to respond and obviously the certificate has to be made. 

Please note: In a video we want to see all the regular hygiene rules. For example: nitril gloves and mouth mask. We assume you you already have these, otherwise you can buy them in our shop.


Data sheet

Ja, mits video gestuurd & goedgekeurd

2 maanden op de lamp, niet op de lichtgeleider
Bijzondere functie
Inclusief uithardingslamp
per set

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