Toothgems Starter Kit - with mini course & videotraining. Give your customer a brilliant smilewith our dental jewelry starterkit. A training for tooth gems you really want to do with X-treme Smile, because our knowledge and best quality products will give you the benefit of years and years expertise of genuine dental professionals. We offer you the best service if you need it and the largest assortment in tooth jewelry and Swarovski tooth gems. 

If you want to do the training, just buy the starterkit in our webshop, because the training is included. 

Inserted in the toothgem starter kit is a mini video training and a booklet. Of course you can ask your question through whatsapp and we will gladly help you.

Your advantages:

  •   Small investment, big profit margin
  •   Top quality dental products
  •   Genuine Swarovski toothcrystals
  •   Applies within 10 minutes
  •   Backup from your dental professionals
  •   No preparatory eduction neccessary

What's inside your toothgem starterkit?

  •   Professional X-treme Smile Curinglamp
  •   Nicely illustrated booklet
  •   Step-by-step instructions
  •   Original Swarovski Crystals (about 100 pcs)
  •   Blinq* Glue
  •   Blinq* Blue
  •   Blinq* Primer
  •   Microbrushes 100x
  •   Cotton rolls (2 packs)
  •   Tooth Gem Display Dispenser
  •   Storage Case
  •   Backup from your dental professionals
  •   Certificate (yes, we will send this by e-mail, after receiving and approving your video)


If you want a certificate for this course, we ask you to make a video (with your cellphone), so you can show us how you do the treatment. Of course you will need to do this on a model. This way, we can see if you do the procedure how it is supposed to happen. You will need to tape it quite closely, so we can see it properly. Best is, that your model does the taping in selfymode. When we receive your video, we will supply you with tips and tricks and sometimes we will ask you to do it again. We know that's not nice, but if you get a certificate, you will need to earn it obviously. 

When you receive your certificate, your customers will see that you know how to properly do the job. 

Multiple certificates per Starter-kit?

That is possible, but we will also need to judge more video's. An extra certificate costs €39.95 a piece.

Why this costs extra? Easy, it will take more time to watch, more time to review, more time to respond and obviously the certificate has to be made. 

Please note: In a video we want to see all the regular hygiene rules. For example: nitril gloves and mouth mask. We assume you you already have these, otherwise you can buy them in our shop.


Data sheet

Ja, mits video gestuurd & goedgekeurd

2 maanden op de lamp, niet op de lichtgeleider
Bijzondere functie
Inclusief uithardingslamp
per set

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