Dental tools 4-pcs set

Set of dental tools to use with tooth whitening, polishing of teeth or ideal for applying tooth gems. The kit contains a set of tweezers, pliers, dental mirror and a hard overlay.

  •   Meriam tweezer (differently dental tweezers or dental tweezers). The tool consists of two arms, connected with each other elastically and ended with beaks. The tweezers are mainly used to insert and remove tampons, cotton wool or lignin rollers. Transverse grooves help to capture small instruments such as studs, needles, or drill bits.
  •   Hard overlay – two-sided instrument, with small blades set at a different angle to the handle. It is used to pick up the amalgam and condense the filling of the patient.
  •   Hard pliers – otherwise a dental tube, dental or probe. A product made of a shank and sharp tip set at an angle.
  •   Handle with diagnostic flat mirror No. 4 – a product used to diagnose hard-to-reach places, e.g. distal surfaces of the patient’s teeth, as well as to retraction of the cheeks.


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