Oral Brush Up Teeth Cleaners 25 st.

The Oral Brush-Ups teeth cleaning wipes have a textured surface and are designed to remove film that builds up on tooth surfaces. This film may inhibit enamel permeability, making for an inefficient whitening experience. Use one prior to treatment to clean the teeth and allow for maximum penetration of the whitening gel, then another after treatment for a quick freshen up. Leave your clients mouth feeling clean and minty fresh!

  •   Disposable, textured teeth wipes comfortably fits most finger sizes for a precise clean
  •   Simple and easy to use prior to a treatment to remove any surface dirt from teeth
  •   Starting a treatment with clean teeth allows for maximum penetration of the whitening gel
  •   Mint flavor leaves client's mouth and breath feeling clean and fresh
  •   25 pcs
  •   Disposable


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