BEYOND® Solo® Solution 6P bleaching kit

BEYOND® Solo® Solution was created with patients with known cases of sensitive teeth in mind. Solo® Solution consists of a W Gel of 35% H2O2 dual barrel syringe, which is then mixed with a RS Gel that contains known desensitizing ingredients such as potassium nitrate and restoring ingredients such as hydroxyapatite. This reduces the concentration of hydrogen peroxide to below 6% and helps aid in reduction of sensitivity as well as remineralization of the enamel. The result is excellent whitening results coupled with little to no sensitivity for those undergoing the treatment. FOR BEST RESULTS, USE WITH BEYOND® ACCELERATOR.

* This product is restricted for use in the dental office setting.

  •   1 Dual-barrel BEYOND® Solo Solution W Gel 1 (2.6g/2.2mL)
  •   1 Pouch of Solo Solution RS gel (11g/9.5mL)
  •   1 Spatula
  •   1 Brush
  •   1 Face protection cloth
  •   1 Shade guide
  •   1 Mixing tip for Solo Solution W gel syringe
  •   After-treatment guide

  •   Features our popular 35% H2O2 W Gel 1 formula whitening gel
  •   Our specially formulated RS Gel contains special ingredients to reduce the risk of sensitivity
  •   Gel’s proprietary formula improves oral health while whitening
  •   Produces dramatic glossy, white results
  •   Compact packaging, economical and practical
  •   Individualized packaging for single patients


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